Summer 2012 Newsletter
From the Director
Stephen B. Hooser
Poison HemlockThe Great Drought and Heat Wave of 2012 are severely damaging crops and forages throughout Indiana. Not only are ponds and creeks drying up, but pastures are turning brown as well. In many fields, the only green plants are noxious weeds. This spring and summer have seen a bumper crop of Poison Hemlock growing along roadsides, in ditches and in some grazing areas. As a consequence, the ADDL has had increased reports of livestock exposed to, and poisoned from eating poison hemlock plants because there was little else to eat.
Poison HemlockIn addition, the severe drought has made conditions right for increased uptake of nitrates into cornstalks. Before using cornstalks as forage, consider the possibility of toxic levels of nitrate in them and have a representative sample tested for nitrates before using.

A description of poison hemlock can be found at Indiana Plants Poisonous to Livestock and Pets
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