To ensure prompt service and accurate results, please follow these general guidelines when submitting cases to ADDL
  • Be sure all forms are complete and legible. Include owner’s name and address, and veterinarian’s name, address and license number. Downloadable ADDL accession forms are available on our Forms page
  • If specimens of the same organ are to be sent to two or more labs within ADDL (e.g.. Virology, Bacteriology, Toxicology) they must be packaged and labeled separately (one bag for each lab requested)
  • When calling for results, refer to case by accession number. If accession number is not available, identify your owner and veterinarian exactly as written on the test chart or the diagnostic accession form
  • Please DO NOT submit materials for diagnostic procedures on the Brucellosis form (VS 4-33)
  • Case information can only be released to the veterinarian or owner specified on the submission form. For release to a third party, CF.346 Submitting Veterinarian Release Form must be completed and on file with the laboratory
  • Specimens submitted for examination may undergo additional diagnostic testing for state or federal disease surveillance programs, particularly involving foreign animal diseases
  • Fees are subject to change without notice. Please visit our Fees page for the most current information on fees and new tests
Information to Include in Case History
  • Owner’s name and address
  • Species, breed, sex, age, and weight of affected animals
  • Number of animals in herd or flock
  • Morbidity and mortality
  • Complete description of clinical signs
  • Time the animal was last observed prior to death and condition at that time
  • Detailed description of your necropsy findings if applicable
  • Treatment, time of treatment, and animal response
  • Detailed description of management practices