About Us
The following are descriptions of the services offered by the Indiana ADDL.

Accessioning: Animal tissues or serums are received, assigned an identifying number and distributed to the appropriate laboratory for testing.

Business Office: Bills clients for services rendered and corrects any incorrect charges.

Computer: All accessioning data, test results and compilation of all types of comparative data allow results to be reported more efficiently and effectively.

Quality: Developed, implemented and maintain the Quality System based on the Requirements of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians which is the accrediting body for the ADDL.

Serology: Samples of serum from various species are tested for antibodies to a wide variety of infectious agents. Such tests as Brucellosis, Pseudorabies and Equine Infectious Anemia, as mandated by the State Board of Animal Health, are performed.

Pathology: Post mortem examinations are conducted to determine the cause of death and/or the disease condition of tissue. Tissue slides prepared by the Histology section are read microscopically by Pathologists.

Virology: Various procedures are performed to identify the presence of viral agents.

Histology/Immunohistochemistry: Tissues are prepared for microscopic examination.

Toxicology: Tissues, fluids and feedstuffs are examined for the presence of chemical compound levels or normal body essentials.

Bacteriology: Ante-mortem and post-mortem samples from various species are examined for the presence of pathogenic bacteria for the purpose of diagnosing infectious disease and complying with state and federal regulations.

Avian: Necropsies, serology, bacteriology and virology for more efficient services to Indiana’s poultry producers and companion bird owners are conducted.

Electron Microscopy: Under high magnification, viruses and tissue changes at the cellular level produced by diseases or poisonings are identified.

Molecular Diagnostics: Performs PCR testing for all species.