Tritrichomonas Testing

Tritrichomonas foetus Test Kit

The ADDL is now offering a test kit for Tritrichomonas foetus testing. The test kit utilizes Biomed's In-Pouch™ transport media and includes:

  1. Instructional sheet
  2. Partially-filled Ruminant Submission form
  3. InPouch™ TF
  4. Plastic bag with zipper closure
  5. Shipping label

If you have any questions regarding submission, ordering of additional kits or InPouch™ TF please contact the Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at 765-494-7440 or

Instructions for In-Pouch™

Instructions for In-Pouch™

Printable Instructions (.pdf)

Submission Guidelines

Bovine Tritrichomonas foetus PCR

Bovine Tritrichomonas foetus PCR - Pooled

Bovine Tritrichomonas foetus culture

Feline Tritrichomonas foetus PCR

Feline Tritrichomonas foetus culture

Printable Submission Guidelines (.pdf)