Tritrichomonas Testing
Submission Guidelines for Bovine Tritrichomonas foetus PCR - Pooled
$50.00 (fee includes cost of re-testing individual animals in a positive pool)
Turnaround Time
2-3 days
Preputial scraping; vaginal scraping/wash
Samples must be submitted in unexpired, In-Pouch™ transport media or TF Transit Tube™ and maintained at 55-95°F. Do not refrigerate; do not freeze. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Minimum Amount
For each animal: 0.5-1mL of scraping/wash material in separate In-Pouch™ transport media. If requesting both T. foetus PCR and culture, 2 separate pouches per animal will be required.
Collection Protocol
Follow In-Pouch™ transport media or TF Transit Tube™ instructions for adding sample to pouch. DO NOT REFRIGERATE. Inoculated pouches should be maintained at room temperature before and after inoculation. Up to 5 bulls from the same location per pool. Each bull must be sampled and submitted in separate In-Pouch™ transport media. Lab will pool individual samples. Fee includes re-test of each individual in a positive pool.
Shipping Requirements
Samples must be received by ADDL within 48h of collection. Sample collection date and time are required.
Additional Information
If this testing is for inter-state movement, please include a copy of the recipeint states Tritrichomonas regulations. In-Pouch™ transport media or TF Transit Tubes™ can be purchased from Biomed Diagnostics. Catalog numbers are 11-1010 or 11-1003 for 10 and 100 pouch test kits, respectively. (