Winter 2016 Newsletter
Meet our Accessioning Staff
The accessioning staff is tasked with the first steps in the diagnostic process here at ADDL. While our accessioning staff would like to use "attainment of power" as a definition of accession, our staff "record new items" to our laboratory. Each animal or sample that is delivered or mailed to ADDL is first handled by the accessioning staff. First, submission forms are reviewed for completeness, and phone calls may be made for clarification or missing information. Next, the diagnostic samples are sorted to their respective section of the laboratory (Molecular Diagnostics, Bacteriology, Serology, etc.).
With each submission comes the assigning of an accession number. One unique accession number is assigned to each submission form that is received. The submission form and all diagnostic samples are labeled with this unique number as a method of tracking and identifying the samples. When sending multiple samples to ADDL from different owners or premises, submission forms should be completed with a separate form for each owner or a separate form for each premise. Following these steps will help minimize confusion when results are reported.
In case you wondered, the accession number begins with the letter "A," "B," or "S." An accession number that begins with "S" indicates it is an accession that originated from SIPAC – the Heeke Laboratory in Dubois County. The "B" is assigned to accessions that have requested only serologic testing. Submissions requesting testing from any other section than just serology only will be assigned the "A." Following the letter will be the two digit year. ADDL operates on the fiscal calendar; therefore, we are utilizing "17" with our current accessions. Now that letter and year have been assigned, the next portion is the hyphen and unique number. These numbers are assigned sequentially starting with one (e.g. "A17-1). For FY 2016, ADDL assigned 18,785 "A" accession numbers, 5,813 "B" accession numbers and 1,706 "S" accession numbers.
The accessioning staff at ADDL is led by Dr. Steve Lenz, Dr. Craig Bowen, Jennifer Hewitt, Shellie Rodarmel and Amy Farrar. For more information on submitting samples to ADDL, you can contact the laboratory at 765-494-7440 or read more on line at
Accessioning Staff
Pictured left to right: Jennifer Hewitt, Amy Farrar, Shellie Rodarmel, Dr. Craig Bowen, Dr. Steve Lenz
Indiana ADDL, 406 S University St, West Lafayette, IN 47907. (765) 494-7440
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