Fall 2011 Newsletter
From the Director
Stephen Hooser
  • Labor Day has come and gone, so Fall has unofficially come to the great state of Indiana.
  • Many thanks to Dr. Tom Bryan, Poultry Diagnostician at the Heeke ADDL, who retired on June 30 after 30 years of service to Indiana and the poultry industry!. Dr. Duane Murphy, Tom Hooper, Margaret Gelhausen and Denise Riley, remain hard at work, devoted to serving animal clients, veterinarians and the poultry and livestock industries of southern Indiana, Monday through Friday, 8-5.
  • Many, many thanks to the ADDL staff who helped with testing for the 2011 Indiana State Fair! Special thanks to Barb Million in Molecular Diagnostics, Lorraine Fox in Accessioning and, in Analytical Toxicology, Kim Meyerholtz, Assistant Chemist and Dr. Christina Wilson, Head Analytical Chemist/Head of Toxicology for the efforts that they put in!
  • As always at both the Heeke and West Lafayette ADDL, the technical and quality management of ADDL sections are committed to good professional practice and compliance to the requirements for accreditation as defined by AAVLD. For example, the ADDL Analytical Toxicology Section (no affiliation with the Indiana State Toxicology Lab in Indianapolis) performs all of its testing according to wellestablished protocols with documentation according to the ADDL Quality System. All data are scientifically reviewed to ensure that established acceptance criteria have been met before releasing data to our clients.
  • The State Fair is over.
    The last corndog is eaten
    It is time for Fall.
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