ADDL Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report
By: Dr. Christina Wilson
The Toxicology section is exploring the use of Noviplex™ plasma prep cards for toxicological analyses and for canine heartworm testing. Because these cards separate plasma from whole blood and can be stored at room temperature, they can expedite sample collection and shipping for veterinarians. The Noviplex™ cards only require two drops of blood; therefore, they also hold potential clinical value for plasma testing in anemic and smaller patients.
In addition to the Noviplex™ cards, the Toxicology section has validated diagnostic methods to screen for trace nutrients and toxic metals in serum/plasma, whole blood, CSF, and water samples by ICP-MS. The Toxicology section is currently working to validate diagnostic methods to test for trace nutrients and toxic metals in feedstuffs, bone, and biological tissues (brain, liver, and kidney) by ICP-MS.
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