Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI)

Avian Influenza USDA

As the HPAI situation continues to advance throughout the U.S., we have put together some guidelines on sending samples to the Indiana ADDL for suspect Avian Influenza testing.

When shipping samples we ask that you please follow these guidelines:


  • Appropriate swabs:
    • Use sterile, polyester (Dacron), rayon, or nylon swab with plastic or wire shafts
    • Avoid cotton or calcium alginate swabs, or swabs with wooden handles
  • For gallinaceous birds (chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quail), take tracheal/oropharyngeal (TR/OP) swabs
  • For domestic waterfowl (ducks, geese), take cloacal (CL) swabs
  • For wild bird species, take 1 CL and 1 OP swab from a single bird in one tube
  • Pooling: Swabs from the same species, source, and flock can be pooled together
    • Up to 5 swabs can be pooled in a standard BHI broth tube containing 2.5-3mL of media
    • Up to 11 swabs can be pooled in a standard BHI broth tube containing 5.5mL of media
    • All swabs should be immersed in media
  • Do NOT pool:
    • TR/OP and CL swabs
    • Swabs collected from different species
    • Swabs collected from birds in different flocks or barns
    • Swabs collected from wild birds (excludes domestic waterfowl)
  • DO NOT use inappropriate swabs or swabs without media (dry swabs) - they will not be tested and would be reported out as "no test."

Recommended Media:


  • Hand deliver or ship on ice using a same day or next day delivery service to arrive Monday through Friday
    • Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
      406 South University Street
      West Lafayette, IN 47907-2065
  • When submitting samples, please indicate on the ADDL CF.749 Avian Health Form if you suspect flu, or if it is routine surveillance
  • In the event of an outbreak of HPAI, a specific and simplified Avian Outbreak Followup Form will be available.
  • Call to let us know samples are coming, if possible
  • Walk-ins are welcome (Hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm)
  • After-hour emergency calls regarding testing and sample submission can be made to our lab number (765) 494-7440, which will transfer you to the service call center


  • Please fill out ADDL CF.749 Avian Health Form, or if there is an outbreak, the Avian Outbreak Followup Form completely
  • The following information is required:
    • Owner name
    • Premise ID and/or animal location (county level data – very important)
    • Collection date
    • Production type (backyard, commercial, etc.)
    • Species
    • Sample type

If you have additional questions, please contact the lab at 765-494-7440 or addl@purdue.edu

Patricia Wakenell, Associate Professor of Avian Diagnostics at the Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at Purdue University discusses with Here & Now’s Robin Young what the recent outbreak of High Path Avian Influenza means for consumers in the U.S. Click here to listen: http://hereandnow.wbur.org/2015/04/15/bird-flu-poultry-midwest

Additional information can be found at the following websites: