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Winter 2007 Newsletter

Granulomatous meningo encephalomyelitis
Ovine Progressive Pleuropneumonia
Porcine Circovirus Associated Diseases
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From Dr. Tom Bryan, Avian Diagnostician, Heeke ADDL

-Update to an article published in the Spring 1996 Diagnostic Forum entitled “Ascarid Migration in Turkey Livers”

With the advent of fenbendazole use in turkey feed (14.5 gallons/ton feed for sic consecutive days) ascarid migration and liver condemnations have been greatly reduced.  Cresylic acid is no longer available as an approved disinfectant for poultry.

ADDL Schedule
Purdue ADDL and Heeke ADDL will be closed on the following University holidays in 2007.
January 15
Martin Luther King Day
May 28
Memorial Day
July 4.
Independence Day
November 22-23
December 24-25
ADDL pathology graduate students won several awards at recent American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostician ( Minneapolis, October 2006) and American College of Veterinary Pathologists (Tucson, December, 2006) meetings.
American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians

Dr. Ikki Mitsui   Best Graduate Student Poster Award

Dr. Pam Mouser    Travel Award

Dr. Dinesh Singh     Travel Award

American College of Veterinary Pathologists

Dr. Ingeborg Langohr  
- Young Investigator Award in the Diagnostic  Pathology Specialty Group, 2nd place
- Travel Award

Dr. Kim Maratea  
- Young Investigator Award in the Diagnostic  Pathology Specialty Group, 3rd place
Dr. Ingrid Pardo  
- Natural Disease Specialty Group, 2nd place

Dr. Shawn Clark  
 - Toxicologic Pathology Specialty Group,    2nd place
 - Student speaker award

Dr. Julia Lucas, (Clinical Pathology, Department of Comparative Pathobiology)
 - Toxicologic Pathologic Pathology Specialty   Group, 1st place

Our congratulations to all
On The Road

Drs. Leon Thacker, Steve Hooser, Peg Miller, Jose Ramos-Vara, Roman Pogranichniy, Duane Murphy, Ramesh Vemulapalli, Ching Ching Wu, Robert Everson, Vimala Vemireddi, Dinesh Singh, Ikki Mitsui, Pam Mouser, Kent Fenton and Linda Hendrickson, Buffie Mink and Steve Vollmer attended the annual meeting of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians in Minneapolis, MN, October 2006.

Dr. Roman Pogranichniy made a scientific presentation at the Conference for Research Workers in Animal Diseases in Chicago, IL, November, 2006

Drs. Peg Miller, Steve Lenz, ADDL pathologists, and Drs. Michael Owston, Vimala Vemireddi, Pam Mouser, Gopakumar Gopalakrishnan, and Ingeborg Langohr, ADDL graduate students, attended the annual American College of Veterinary pathologists meeting in Tucson, AZ, December, 2006.

Dr. Steve Lenz attended a Foreign Animal Disease Training Course at the USDA Plum Island facility in November, 2006.

Drs. Roman Pogranichniy and Greg Stevenson attended the Indiana Swine Group meeting, Indianapolis, IN, December, 2006.

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