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Winter 2007 Newsletter

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 H. Leon Thacker, DVM, PhD

Good day from the hallowed halls of ADDL.  Today is a cold one for us but all things considered, we have had a very mild winter. 

Some of the activities of the ADDL recently include completion of the hunter killed deer Chronic Wasting Disease survey.  We tested 1318 samples collected by the Indiana DNR during the '06 hunting season.  All samples were found by the immunohistochemistry test method to be "No resistant prions detected".  This is the sixth year of has surveying Indiana deer for CWD; so far no evidence of this disease been found in our deer population. 

We recently finished the ADDL Annual Report for FY '06.  Areas of significant activity change in the laboratories comparing FY -06 to FY ;05 included increase in histopathology accessions by 20% to 48,438; increase in molecular diagnostics requests of 23% to 2,374; increase of toxicology accessions by 184% to 3,973; increase of virology tests of 46% to 92,713; and increase of Heeke ADDL avian accessions of 23% to 3,164.  Fiscal year 2006 was a busy and productive year in ADDL.  We are blessed to have a dedicated and accomplished faculty and staff to provide these services to the animal owners of Indiana and to owners in other states.

We wish you well for the rest of the winter; if it stays like today, that groundhog will for sure see his shadow in a couple of weeks.




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