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Winter 2002 Newsletter

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ADDL toxicology graduate student Christina Wilson accepts the award for best presentation by a graduate student at the annual American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians meeting in Hershey, Pennsylvania, November, 2001. Presenting the award is Purdue ADDL Director Leon Thacker. Ms. Wilson's work was titled "Species comparison of the warfarin-sensitive enzyme vitamin K12,3-epoxide reductase".
Dr. Marlon Rebelatto has completed his residency program at Purdue ADDL/ Veterinary Pathobiology and has accepted a position at MPI Research in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Please join us in wishing him well in his next endeavor.
Congratulations to Serology technicians Cheryl Parker, Barb McDonald, Brenda Turner, and Tammy Crowell who successfully completed check tests for Equine Infectious Anemia, Bluetongue, Bovine leucosis, Brucellosis, and Pseudorabies (by latex agglutination, serum neutralization, particle concentration fluorescent immunoassay, and G-1 FA. These Purdue technicians achieved 100% accuracy on all tests.

Dr. Leon Thacker, ADDL Director, participated in the State of Indiana Animal Health Emergencies Exercise in October, 2001. Several agencies that would be involved in responding to the occurrence of a foreign animal disease in Indiana livestock were involved in this program.

New Additions
Dr. Zheko Kounev joined the Purdue ADDL faculty in October, 2001 as Avian Diagnostician and Food Safety Specialist. Dr. Kounev received his DVM from the University of Sofia, Bulgaria and his PhD in Food Safety Microbiology and Meat Technology from the National Agricultural Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 1991, Dr. Kounev has served as Corporate Manager of the Biotechnology Center at Maple Leaf Farms, Milford, Indiana. Prior to that he worked for the World Health Organization at the Collaborating Center on Food Virology at the Food Research Institute, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI. 

Drs. Leon Thacker, Randy White, Bob Everson, Duane Murphy, Steve Hooser, Ching Ching Wu , Charles Kanitz and Christina Wilson, Steve Vollmer and Linda Hendrickson attended the annual meeting of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians in Hershey, Pennsylvania, November, 2001.
Drs. Christine Hanika, Tom Bryan and Tsang Long Lin attended the North Central Avian Disease Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, October, 2001
Dr. Christine Hanika attended the Foreign Animal Disease pathologists training course at Plum Island, New York, October, 2001
Dr. Ching Ching Wu attended the National Poultry Improvement Plan meeting in Athens, Georgia, November, 2001 and the Antimicrobial Colloquium in Albuquerque, New Mexico, November, 2001
Drs. Evan Janovitz and Marlon Rebelatto
attended the American College of Veterinary Pathologists annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, December 2001.


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