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Hemorrhagic Enteritis In Turkeys

A commercial ELISA kit for Hemorrhagic Enteritis is now available to turkey clients of ADDL. Under the direction of Donna Schrader, Diagnostic Assistant, convalescent sera is measured for antibody levels. Hemorrhagic Enteritis in turkeys may manifest itself as an acute episode of frank hemorrhage throughout the intestine but, most of the time, it is subtle, weakening the immune system and allowing secondary E. coli to become prominent. Rarely is a flock not exposed to the virus but, when a flock reaches processing with ceca distended with "axle grease" contents, the degree of carcass contamination rises sharply. For processing and disease reasons, most producers want to alleviate problems with HE with a vaccination program. Most vaccinate at 4.5 to 5.5 weeks of age, using a mild vaccine. By taking 10-20 sera before vaccination and 10-20 sera two weeks following vaccine administration, the ELISA results give an excellent comparison to equip management with the tools to measure flock readiness.

-by Dr. Tom Bryan, Avian Diagnostician,
Heeke ADDL



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