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Winter 2002 Newsletter

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H. Leon Thacker, DVM, PhD

Welcome 2002. What changes we have seen in the past 12 months! Perhaps the coming twelve will bear better. We continue to serve as a monitoring center for several potential diseases of animals for local, state, and national queries. The continued threat of purposefully introduced diseases of animals remains among our thoughts in our day to day activities in the Laboratory. It is most unfortunate that the potential and possibility for someone to introduce a disease agent into our animal populations exists but, at this point in time, we remain vigilant to detect such an action as soon as possible in the event that it should occur. It is well accepted that the eventual loss to be incurred in the event of the occurrence of a noxious known or heretofore unknown disease condition will be proportional to the time elapsed before discovery of the existence of the disease. The sooner the diagnosis is made and control procedures initiated, the lower the eventual cost to taxpayers, owners, and consumers. In many past instances, the initial recognition of an unusually destructive, foreign animal or new disease entity has been made by a private veterinary practitioner. We hope to be of assistance to the sharp diagnostic eyes of Indiana veterinarians and animal owners.

Christina Wilson, assistant chemist and graduate student in our toxicology lab, won the certificate and cash award for the best graduate student scientific presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians in November. A major recognition for a job well done. Cheryl Parker, Barb McDonald, Brenda Turner and Tammy Crowell, technicians in our serology area, also recently completed check tests for EIA, bluetongue, bovine leucosis, brucellosis and PRV (by three different methods) with 100% accuracy. Congratulations to each of you.

If there is something that we are doing that we shouldn't be doing or something that we are not doing that we should, let us know. Have a good day and Happy New Year.


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