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H. Leon Thacker, DVM, PhD

Good day from ADDL.  As this is written, it appears spring has finally arrived.  It seems that this past one has been a long winter, one that has been difficult for many of our Indiana outside farm animals.

The ADDL continues to participate in national surveillance programs for classical swine fever, avian influenza, chronic wasting disease, scrapie and foot and mouth disease.  The national program for routine surveillance for exotic Newcastle disease has been discontinued.  The program for surveillance for classical swine fever has been expanded to    include samples collected by Indiana private practitioner veterinarians.  This should markedly increase the number of tonsil samples received by the Laboratory for CSF testing.

As reported in the last Diagnostic Forum, we completed immunohistochemistry testing of 610 lymph node samples collected from Indiana white tail deer during the '07 hunting season for chronic wasting disease.  The test samples were collected by the Indiana DNR; all samples tested "No resistant prions detected".  The Indiana surveillance  program was started in 2002.  Since that time 9609 deer have been sampled and tested.  To date, no evidence of CWD has been found in our state.

Dr. Roman Pogranichniy, head of the ADDL virology and serology sections, has made available sequencing of PRRSV and  porcine circovirus to fingerprint virus isolates of these swine pathogens.  This allows pinpointing the source of infection in epidemiologic studies and investigations of the disease in affected swine herds.  These assays that become available in virology section may be invaluable in identifying type of virus present in affected herds.

To better acquaint various agencies with intercommunication, familiarity and responsibilities for dealing with the  occurrence of a catastrophic disease outbreak in our state, ADDL participated in a table-top exercise on epidemic avian influenza in the Indiana poultry population and pandemic bird flu in Indiana human population sponsored by the Indiana Department of Health on March 28, '08 in Indianapolis.  To further enhance interaction of the potential involved agencies in the instance of such a disease outbreak, a table-top exercise sponsored by the National     Animal Health Laboratory Network, of which ADDL is a member, will be held at the ADDL on May 16, '08.  The May 16 exercise will involve many of the same agencies as the March 28 exercise with the addition of assistance from adjacent state veterinary diagnostic laboratories' contribution to a potential catastrophic disease occurrence.

In closing, I wish you a great Indiana spring season; may the morels flourish.  If there are things we can improve to better serve your veterinary diagnostic needs, please do not hesitate to let me know.





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