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Fall 1999 Newsletter

Bordetella Bronchiseptica in Cats
Canine Babesiosis
Dictyocaulosis in Dairy Cattle
Echephalo- myacarditis in Pigs
Gastric Dilation Volvulus in Dogs
Practitioner Sabbatical
Neospora Canium
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Practitioner Sabbatical

Veterinarians are encouraged to follow their own cases to the ADDL or arrange to spend time with us on necropsy or in one of our other laboratories.  Several veterinarians have spent a few hours to a few days in the ADDL and have found their experience to be interesting and useful.  The “practitioner’s viewpoint” always enriches the learning environment of the veterinary students rotating through ADDL.

       I will be happy to provide you a letter to document your time spent in the ADDL.  Some practitioners are planning to use documented time spent in the ADDL as part of their Continuing Education requirements for licensure.  Please contact the laboratory director if you want to arrange a sabbatical of any length at the ADDL.

W.G. VanAlstine

Assistant Director, ADDL




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