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Bordetella Bronchiseptica in Cats
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Dictyocaulosis in Dairy Cattle
Echephalo- myacarditis in Pigs
Gastric Dilation Volvulus in Dogs
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W. G. VanAlstine, DVM, PhD

The summer of 1999 has been a busy one for the ADDL faculty and staff.  The serology laboratory was busy with testing involving the 4-H fairs, which typically triples their caseload for two months.  In addition, they participated in a federal PRV serology check test and scored 100% on multiple samples using 4 different tests placing them as one of the most accurate labs in the country for PRV testing.   In October, the bacteriology laboratory was acknowledged in a National Johnes Workshop held in San Diego as having scored the BEST in the United States in identifying Johne’s Disease in samples sent for check testing and received kudos for preparing the best media for Johne’s testing.  The toxicology laboratory was busy with drug testing for ‘performance enhancing drugs’ in grand and reserve champion of each animal species at the 1999 State Fair.  You’ll be glad to know that Hoosier animals were drug free.  Our computer section continues to battle the Y2K deadline.  Our new computer system should be up and running by Dec 30 with continued development of the new system well into the year 2000.  Streamlined reports and online results are some of the options we hope to offer you in the coming year.  We will likely experience some changes in our email addresses over the next several months and new addresses can be found on our website which continues to be located at http://www.addl.purdue.edu/    The ADDL just completed a five-year external accreditation review site visit by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians.  Initial reports from the visit team were very encouraging and some recommendations will be forthcoming. A final report of the accreditation process will not be completed until February 2000.


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