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Spring 2005 Newsletter

Pituitary abscess syndrome in a sheep
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H. Leon Thacker, DVM, PhD

It seems as though spring has finally arrived after what seemed to be a long winter.  Thought in late March that the ground hog had seen his shadow twice back in February, but I guess the long winter makes the arrival of spring all the more welcome.  The change of seasons has not slowed the work at ADDL; we are involved with the immunohistochemistry method testing of sheep and cervids for transmissible encephalopathy diseases.  These tests are in support of surveillance programs, primarily of federal sponsorship.  We are now testing all the samples collected in Indiana for scrapie of sheep and goats and for chronic wasting disease of deer and elk.  We are also receiving many samples for Johne's disease testing in support of a federally assisted Indiana surveillance program.  Many of you are, no doubt, involved with the collection of the Johne's disease test samples; it has been a struggle in the lab to accommodate the flooding batches of samples received.  Our faculty and staff have done and continue to provide yeoman's contributions to supporting the testing of these programs in addition to the work of the day to day submissions of samples for diagnostic evaluation.

Our laboratory is now a member of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network which includes key diagnostic laboratories around the U.S. as support labs in early identification of animal diseases that may occur as a threat to our animal populations and food supply.  On March 29, Dr. Randall Levings, who is Director of the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa, visited our lab to become better acquainted with our faculty and staff and answer queries regarding the federal labs and their interactions with state laboratories.  We were happy to have Dr. Levings visit and appreciate the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the national diagnostic laboratory system.

We continue to welcome your comments regarding our services.  In the next issue of Diagnostic Forum, we will include a survey questionnaire and will appreciate your return of that questionnaire.  It is our intent to serve you in the best way possible as the state supported, fully accredited, animal disease diagnostic laboratory of Indiana.  Hope you have an enjoyable spring.  


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