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Summer 2004 Newsletter

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H. Leon Thacker, DVM, PhD

The "Good Ole Summer Time".  Thank goodness for the changes of seasons; it is good to welcome summer with fairs, crops laid by, vacations, hot days and cooler nights, and garden produce including home grown tomatoes.  With the changes of requirements for exhibition of swine, the testing requests for fairs has been markedly reduced this year.  In those long years back when we started on the road to eliminating pseudorabies from Indiana swine, it appeared to be a daunting aspiration but, with the efforts and determination of a lot of people, it has been accomplished.  I'm sure that there are a lot of practitioners in the state who are glad to have the late spring/early summer requests to bleed 4-H pigs for the fair to be a thing of the past.

This time of the year has brought some changes to our laboratory personnel.  At the end of May, we were saddened to see Dr. Dan Harrington retire.  Saddened to see him go, but glad for him to have the opportunity to spend many pleasurable hours on his sailboat; he and his wife, Pat, have a trip planned to sail from the lower end of Lake Michigan up around Mackinac Island and on out into the Atlantic and down the coast to the Caribbean.  We wish them well; it has been a pleasure to have Dan here and to have worked closely with him for those many years.  On June 1, we welcomed our new diagnostic virologist, Dr. Roman Pogranichniy.  Dr. Roman comes to us fresh off his PhD at Iowa State.  He did his veterinary degree in the Ukraine and has extensive experience in diagnostic virology at the Iowa State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab.  Dr. Roman and his wife, Sherry, have two children; it is a pleasure to welcome them to ADDL and to have Dr. Roman's expertise as an experienced veterinary diagnostic virologist on our faculty.

Included in this missive is a questionnaire requesting some of your opinions of the services provided by ADDL.  We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire and drop it in the mail.  There is no need to put postage on it, the postage will be taken care of from this end.  We would like very much to hear from you via this avenue; it is our intent to provide you with the best veterinary diagnostic services that we can.

We wish you a most enjoyable and safe summer.  Stay cool.






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