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 Two of ADDL’s long time and beloved employees are retiring this summer. 

Necropsy technician and jack-of-all trades Bob Smith retired as of June 1, 2001.  Bob came to ADDL in March, 1980 and has spent 21 years helping faculty members, graduate students, veterinary students and ADDL staff with a wide variety of needs including assisting with necropsies, accessioning cases, painting, fixing flat tires, building furniture,  and lifting spirits and is responsible for the infamous “hooey stick”initiation for new employees.   


Dr. Charles Kanitz, Professor of Veterinary Virology and Head of the Virology  and Serology Sections of the ADDL isretiring during the summer of 2001.  Following four years in the United States Air Force, Dr. Kanitz returned to Purdue to earn his DVM degree in 1964,  his M.S. degree in 1968 and his Ph.D. in 1972.  He then began building the diagnostic virology section of the ADDL  He was instrumental in the efforts to eradicate hog cholera, collaborated to develop a vaccine against pseudorabies and has traveled internationally to offer his expertise to swine industries.  Most recently, Dr. Kanitz was honored with the Award of Merit from Gamma Sigma Delta.

Both of these gentlemen have contributed immeasurably to the staff and users of ADDL.  They will be missed.


Dr. Charles Kanitz attended the annual meeting of the National Institute for Animals in Agriculture annual meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, April, 2001.

Mary Woodruff, Bonita Vera, Ron Gillespie, ChingChing Wu and Tom Hooper attended the Association of Veterinary Microbiologists meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 2001.

Dr. Leon Thacker attended an instructional course on laboratory accreditation and assessment presented by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditors in WashingtonD.C., April 2001.

Drs. Leon Thacker, Charles Kanitz, Bill VanAlstine and Marlon Rebelatto attended the North Central Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians meeting in Champaign-UrbanaIL , June 2001

The faculty and staff at Purdue ADDL congratulate Indiana swine practitioners Dr. Max Rodibaugh and Dr. Larry Rueff on their recent honors. 

At their meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, the American Association of Swine Veterinarians named Dr. Rodibaugh 2001 Swine Practitioner of the Year.

Dr. Rueff is a recipient of the School of Agriculture 2001 Distinguished Agricultural Alumni Award and received his honor at an awards convocation at PurdueUniversity .


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