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Winter 2000 Newsletter

Hepatic Abscesses in Feedlot Cattle
Why Necropsy Abortions?
Canine Ehrlichiosis
Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy
Poultry Quality Monitoring
SCID in Arabian Foals
Turkey Corona Virus by ELISA
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W.G. Van Alstine, DVM, PhD

Remember Y2K?  Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?  Since our last newsletter, we were able to continue to utilize enough of our existing computer system that ADDL activities were not hindered.  We will rely on the current computer system until July 2000, when we anticipate that the new system will be online.  You will see changes in reports and billings and we trust the changes will be positive.  If you have any suggestions for improving our new report format, please give us a call.

Springtime means 4-H Fair time is near.  As caseload in the serology lab typically triples from mid-May to mid-July, we encourage you to submit samples as early as possible.  If you have questions regarding serology turnaround time during fair season, please feel free to call our serology lab.  Guidelines for submitting fair serum samples appear; in this issue of Diagnostic Forum.

Dr. Kanitz, ADDL virologist, will host Dr. M.M.A. Samie in his laboratory this summer.  Dr. Samie comes from the Suez Canal University in Ismalia, Egypt.  He will be here to learn various diagnostic virology and molecular biology techniques in Dr. Kanitz’s laboratory.

This winter we have had six veterinarians take advantage of our practitioner sabbatical.  They found their time at ADDL both enjoyable and informative.  Visiting veterinarians always enrich the teaching environment of the ADDL.  If you are interested in a practitioner sabbatical at ADDL, please contact me or Dr. Thacker.  You are always welcome.

As always, we welcome suggestions from you.  Our wish is that you find this newsletter informative and useful.


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