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Dr. Marlon Rebelatto, ADDL Graduate Student, was recently awarded a Ph. D. from Veterinary Pathobiology.  His thesis, entitled Nasal-Associated Lymphoid Tissue and Intranasal Immunizations in Cattle, focused on lymphocyte populations, adhesion molecules expression, and cytokine expression of tonsils in cattle and the development of subunit intranasal vaccines for cattle.  Dr. Rebelatto is also a finalist for the Phi Zeta award in Basic Science Research.

Dr. Melanie Greeley, ADDL Graduate Student, completed her Masters program and plans to pursue a PhD in Environmental Pathology at UC Davis.

On The Road

Dr. Chuck Kanitz, Head of Virology/Serology,  attended the inaugural meeting of the   National Institute for Animals in Agriculture,   Corpus Christi, Texas    April 2000

Alan Bunning, Computer Systems Programmer  attended a VisuaLab Users meeting, Dallas,   Texas ,  April 2000

Mary Woodruff, Virology Lab Superviser, attended The Association of Veterinary Microbiologists meeting,   Manhattan, Kansas    April 2000

Dr. Ching Ching Wu, Bacteriology and Avian  department head, participated in the USDA   external review for the infectious bursal disease   project,  Tel Aviv, Israel,  March 2000

Drs. Ching Ching Wu and Christine Hanika   attended the Indiana State Poultry Association   meeting in Indianapolis , March 2000

Dr. Charles Kanitz and Min Wang, Virology graduate  Student, will attend the American Society of  Microbiologists meeting in Los Angeles, California  in May, 2000.

Dr. Greg Stevenson traveled to the PeoplesRepublic of China to consult with the swine industry on diseases  of swine in April 2000.





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